Vegetarian Pizza in two ways with avokado & green kale



Kale pizza:

Arugula & Avocados vegetarian pizza:

Optional: garnish with a bit of green pesto


  1. Mix all ingredients except the flour to the dough in a bowl, then add the flour a little at a time and work together to form an elastic dough. Let it rest, preferably for an hour. Meanwhile, mince and fry the onion in some oil in a saucepan. Let it become golden brown.
  2. Add then the shredded green kale and almond flour and fry until the kale is browned. Tear the mozzarella. When the dough is finished fermenting, turn on the oven to 482 farenheit and then roll it out into a nice shape and spread the cream fraiche and the kale mixture, and mozzarella cheese on one pizza, add cream fraiche and mozzarella on the other the pizza. Now is the time to bake the vegetarian pizza and drive it into the oven for about 15 minutes. Decorate the cream fraiche and mozzarella pizza with avokado, some rocket salad and green pesto!

Recipe by Vegetarisk Mat Recept at