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Hey Sunshine! Do you love everything that’s is good for your body, mind and the planet?

Welcome to our blog!

In a warm, sunshiny way we offer a bunch of recipes, guides, tips and classes for you as a fan of vegetarian, healthy food and green lifestyle. All in a mindful wrapping!

What will you find here?

Regardless if you want to know the right choice between locally grown or organic food, if you want to go vegan or are looking for veganlicious recipes and menus you will find it here. Click on our categories.

Do we know what we are talking about?

This is our biggest interest and even though we have an ocean left to learn we have our feet firmly on the ground.

We are both educated in nutrition, we have two successful sites about intermittent fasting and juicing. Up until now we have been blogging at one of swedens biggest foodmagazines. And not the least we have had our own healthy restaurant, called ”Lisa & Erik”, where we set the menu and cooked everything ourselfs.

And who are we?

We founded the blog out of an state of no energy, not-so-positive, muscles-less and lightly obese only 20 years old we made a classic new years eve promise. We wanted to embrace what life has given to us, we wanted to enjoy life again! We kept that promise. Truth is that the new colourful, shimmering world of healthy living tooks us by storm and all we could think of was to convince more people to try this amazing way of living. That’s was the foundation to our blog.

Random facts about Lisa & Erik?

Our happy place is our hometown Västerås, after years of studying, traveling and living in Paris. A beautiful old city with warm people, an alive countryside and a stunning lake.

Lisa is a creative junkie that takes every opportunity to craft. She can be spotted day and night singing and dancing while she paints, designs redecorates the house.

Erik is the master of flavours and can be in the kitchen for hours tasting a new broth or sauce. He is one with our plants and while he is not reading or watching the stock market he’ll be busy hanging like a monkey in the olympic rings at the gym or in the woods.

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