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Vegan Recipes
Vegan Recipes. Vegan Food – Vegan Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Desserts. Healthy and Easy to Cook recipes
Vegan Bean Patties served in a Redbeet & Chickpea Wrap

Do you like the taste of garlic, food that is nutritious and eating with your hands? Then this dish is perfect for you. Our mixed bean pattis in wraps of chickpea pancake with redbeet juice is a really nutritious dinner! Vegan Bean Patties in the oven As with all vegetable patties, it’s extra delicious when […]

Vegan Lasagna with homemade vegan mozarella, mushrooms and eggplant

There are many ways to make a vegan lasagna. Many want it as similar to a regular lasagna as possible while others want to make it with more vegetables or gluten-free. Here we have made a recipe for a really delicious lasagna with a lot of tomato sauce, mushrooms and a delicious home-made vegan mozzarella. […]

Thai Chickpea stew with peanut butter and coconut milk

Chickpea stew is and almost complete dish. Satisfying, protein rich, easy to make organic and super cheap. If you are imagining a vegetarian chickpea stew, you often think of something from the Indian cuisine. Coconut milk, coriander, curry and hot. But and italian version is also very tasty with flavors of tomato, garlic and olives. […]

Savoury Vegetarian Bolognese with Walnuts and Mushrooms

Here we have one of the worlds most popular dishes updated with new ingredients, vegetarian bolognese! Mushrooms stand for the richness and gets backed by roasted walnuts! Stop with your vegetarian bolognese with meat substitute and make the real thing. Vegetarian bolognese with clean ingredients Sometimes you just want to avoid qourn, soybeans and beans. […]

Vegetarian Stew Recipe with Mushrooms, Red Beets and Green Kale

Fall is here, the leaves are falling of the trees. It’s getting colder and colder outside. It was in that mood that we found the inspiration to this vegetarian stew. We wanted to make a vegetarian stew that is delicious but still good for your body and the planet. Mushroom, green kale and red beets […]

Saffron Muffins with lingonberries and raisins

Wonderful saffron muffins with lingonberries. Quick to make and send a wonderful Christmas spirit. A leisurely Sunday morning like this, I (Lisa) felt to bake saffron buns. But when I had mixed oat milk and saffron in the bowl, I discover that the yeast was too old! No! So I had to abandon my first idea. But […]

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte

Seeing the words: Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte you instantly think of those craving campaigns from Starbucks thats on offer this time of year. A beautiful cup in autumn colors and a fluffy cinnamon powdered creamy top. In the beginning I (Lisa) thought that it was pumpkin flavor on the latte but I later found out that it […]

Vegan Cinnamon Buns made Healthy with Dates & Sourdough

Finally, it’s here! One of our most valued creations have now become an awaited recipe, with video and everything. Sourdough cinnamon rolls! It was when we opened our health cafe that we understood how sought out a little healthier and vegan cinnamon bun really are. It’s not for nothing we have an “Cinnamon Bun Day” here in […]

Guacamole recipe – the ultimate plant based dip

Lovely guacamoly! You fit so well to everything, complimenting almost any meal. You are so easy to make, it takes just 5 minutes and is so easy to get that wonderful taste. Thank you for existing! Oh yes. So I just now uttered a declaration of love to an creamy dip. Not just any dip. But still, […]

Vegetarian Ramen Recipe Easy To Make

Our Vegetarian Ramen Recipe Do you want a vegan ramen recipe, fry some mushrooms or tofu, and substitute the egg. We came up with this recipes as we usually do. It involves that I (Erik) made an inventory of the refrigerator. Kale, wax beans, red onion, cabbage, ginger we should be able to cook something with these […]

Rhy Focaccia Bread with Red onions, garlic & fresh herbs

Yesterday when I was looking through our blog my eyes stopped by the spelt focaccia bread recipe while I developed serious cravings for the soft,  salty, warm and freshly baked. And as it would have been the perfect side dish for the dinner I decided to have a focaccia night. But as always we don’t often make the […]

Easy Camping Food Recipe on Trangia Stove

Simple Camping Food an a Trangia stove With pasta and a can of canned tomates you get a delcious pasta or soup  in less than 15 minutes The picture above is from one of our meals we prepaired on our handy camping stove from trangia. We love the simplicity we get when we go on a […]

Simple Spelt Focaccia Bread Recipe with cherry tomatoes & basil

Spelt Focaccia Bread Recipe Have you tried baking with Spelt flour instead of plain wheat flour? Spelt flour is a less cultivated grain thus is filled with more vitamins and nutrients than traditional plain wheat flour. The end result: A Simple, tasty and a nutritious Spelt Focaccia Bread Recipe. A tip when cooking or baking recipes […]

Pumpkin ginger balls – Healthy Raw balls

These nice little healthy raw balls kicks off the sleepy morning any time, with a cup of coffee you’re guaranteed to cross a lot from your to-do list. Ginger gives it a a lovely twist to these green little beauties. Pumpkin & Ginger Raw Balls 100g Pumpkin seeds 50 g Almonds 50 g Dates 0.5 tsp […]

Rhubarb cake with almond, coconut and dates

Here we go! We have come up with this totally amazing rhubard recipe! This is our rhubarb cake with almond, coconut and dates. Alla free from gluten and sugar. Rhubarb Cake recipe Rhubard sirup 200 g Dates 150 g raw Rhubard, thin sliced 4 dl Water 1 tsk Maple sirup 0,5 tsk Cardamon The dough 2,5 dl Almond […]

Healthy Pancakes Recipes 6 Different Recipes

We do love making pancakes, we love them even more if they are healthy. So in this post we will share our 6 best healthy pancakes recipes. Check out our Vegan Pancakes made of Sweet Potato served with Berries, using sweet potatoes as the base of a pancake is so fun, try it you to! 2. […]

Banana ice cream – 2 Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Banana, just saying. It’s a magical invention! Banana pancake, banana cake , creamy smoothies and lots lots more. But the best thing? At least this time of year. NANACREAM a wholesome ice cream made from banana – a banana ice cream ! Banana ice cream How-to: Take an overripe banana . Break […]

Healthy Easter Dessert Recipes

Finally Easters coming up, a lovely time to eat eggs and meet family again. That’s what we love about easter, the think we don’t like about easter is that it’s built around consuming sugar! Here in Sweden it’s one of the times at the year when the candy consumption spikes! We have a tradition to […]

Vegan Bourguignon with Beets and Mushroom

Vegan bourguignon – Easy, luxurious and vegan! Now in the middle of winter, there are not too many Swedish ingredients in season. But beets, jerusalem artichoke, carrots and mushrooms are easy to find in grocery stores. But what did we make out of this combination? A warming hearty stew of course! We have taken inspiration from […]

Black Bean Burger Recipe with pickled red onion, guacamole and sweet potato fries

Just yummy! This veggie black bean burger is just No. 1. It has everything, from taste to texture and it’s super simple to do. The horseradish dressing, roasted eggplant, guacamole, black bean burger, pickled red onion and red cabbage salad makes it super yummy. And thats not all, we also have a awesome recipe on […]

Coconut Chia Pudding recipe with blueberries

Chia pudding is a simple and yummy way to get your daily vitamins. It’s easy to prepare the night before to eat for breakfast or if you want the express version you can mix chia seeds with water and let it expand for minimum 30 minutes, easy as 1 2 3. The vitamins is not only […]

Chia Seed Pudding – The Easiest Health DIY Snack or Breakfast Treat

Chia seed pudding It so easy that even a caveman could do it. But to make it delicious is a whole other story. The original recipe for Chia seeds is Chia seeds + Plant Milk.  But the secret is to use a natural sweetener and some flavoring. In this recipe we have use honey and […]

Delicious Hummus Recipe

We both remember the first time we got to taste hummus, it was not good! When we tried to make our own version, we were completely chocked and we got hooked. We now eat it on salads, on bread well an almost everything! Here are our simple but tasty recipe (for success with this recipe, […]

Raw food recipe – Raw Food Cake made of Cashews, almonds and bluberries

Experimented a bit in the kitchen today and the result was not bad at all. The result: A luxury raw food cake we got to munch on! Cashew nuts, blueberries, almonds and vanilla makes this a heavenly treat! To use soaked cashew nuts might sound a little strange but it creates a wonderfully creamy and […]

Raw Chocolate Cake – Easy, Vegan and Egg Free

Vegan Raw Chocolate Cake Fancy some sweet right now? Then this recipe on a raw chocolate cake is a savior, make sure to always have a can of soaked cashews in the fridge (you can use it to a lot of lovely raw food desserts) This vegan raw chocolate cake takes only a few minutes to […]

Avocado Toast Time – Served with radishes and chili flakes

Avocado Toast Time – Served with radishes and chili flakes This is an amazing and simple dish that can be varied in uncountable ways. Avocado is so good served on a toast, the creaminess goes great together with the roasted texture. It’s super important that you don’t compromise with a cheap and quick baked bread. Sourdough […]

Smoothie Bowl – A Fresh way to start your day!

Smoothie bowl This smoothie bowl is a perfect way to start your day. Fresh, healthy and easy to do even if you are a bit tired in the morning. It’s also a great way to add fruits and superfoods into your daily diet. The smoothie was also really popular on our Instagram so we decided […]

Vegan Chocolate Cake

I love it when Lisa experiments in the kitchen. It’s a 50/50 chance that it turns out really delicious. Fortunately this time was a success! The result today: A Vegan Chocolate Cake with a crunchy pie crust, with a raw food mousse in the center. Served with raspberry, it almost look like a sin to […]

Broccoli salad

Warm Broccoli Salad Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables fully packed with vitamin c and vitamin k that’s good for your sight and your bone structure. But it can be sometimes hard to get it into your daily diet because it needs some cooking and some spices to get tasty. We thought it was […]

Vegan Waffle Recipe with Grapefruit

Vegan waffle recipe Looking for something new and tasty for the weekend breakfast? Enter these Vegan White Bean waffles! They are super easy to make and packed with lot’s of healthy stuff. We have a mission to try adding beans into the dishes we think it would be suitable in. Beans are great for adding texture but […]

Cauliflower Rice Recipe with Coconut milk & Garlic

Did you know that plain white rice is one of the biggest environmental thugs out there? Rice production uses a lot of water in the process to make rice. The bad part is that 1/3 of the worlds population get their daily caloric intake from rice (China, India, Bangladesh). But the worst part it that it’s not even […]

3 Healthy Refreshing Juicing Recipes

We have a secret to tell you, it’s something we haven’t revealed to you before. Yes we are Juice and Smoothie lovers. Putting fruits and greens in the juicer or mixer and hearing it turning it into a sweet and healthy juice, juice is a great way to wake up in the morning (our juicer defiantly wakes […]

Raw food and Vegan Crackers

Raw food and Vegan Crackers Looking for something crispy and healthy for your afternoon snacks? This fiber and protein rich raw food and vegan crackers is your solution. Best served with peanut butter with a slice of apple on top. We have started baking more and more with different beans. It’s a great ingredient that […]

Sweet Potato Fries – A healthy and delicious snack

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe If you are following our blog you might have guessed that we love Sweet potato (We love Sweet potatoes see our other Sweet Potato recipes here.)? We have done a lot of healthy and delicious recipes with the mushy orange potato. Now we experimented with making a healthier version of the fatty […]

Bean Pasta – Vegan Pasta made of Soya beans

We found something we really like when we shopped at our local store the other day. They have started selling soy bean pasta! It’s great if you like us love pasta but want to be nicer to you stomach. It’s also packed with proteins, a great innovation if you ask us. Here we made a recipe […]

Protein pancake recipe – Easy and healthy pancakes made of white beans

Protein pancake recipe with White beans Looking for adding more proteins to your diet? And are you tired of the protein powder? This protein pancake recipe is a wonderful way to add more legumes to your diet! White beans is a great almost tasteless legume that can be used in a lot of your everyday recipes. […]

Sweet Potato Hummus

Do you like hummus? The sticky, soft cream made of chickpeas with a taste of the sixth flavour, umami? It is simple to make and super healthy, the protein amount is high and the cream will fit with a lof of dishes. We like to remake classical recipes and give them a fresh touch. This […]

Vegan Banana Bread – Use those “old” ripe bananas!

Vegan Banana Bread Wow it’s the 23 of February, a sweet and yellow day! Because it’s the National Banana Bread day! So make use of those “old” ripe bananas you have left or buy some from the supermarket, a great way to avoid discarding food. This bread is quick (baked with baking powder), sweet (without […]

Fastfood a Colorful Crunchy Kale Salad

I was strolling around among the crops in my vegetable garden, I could pic whatever I want and make a delicious healthy and environmental friend dish out of it. I choose kale, a lot of it, I have both red and green so I take them both. I prepare them in my lantern kitchen and add […]

Super yummy vegan & gluten- and sugar free brownie!

Yum, yum yum! I’m just saying. This is an amazing vegan and sugar free brownie, amazing taste, consistency and imagine it is all healthy. The recipe is a totalt stroke of luck. I (Lisa) was standing in the kitchen with a massiv sweet tooth, looking around in all our kitchen drawers for something to eat […]

Lentil Soup – Spicy with chili peppers, garlic and cumin

Here in Sweden it’s cold and windy. We don’t step outside if we are not forced to. During days like these you have a excuse to stay inside. This red lentil soup is the hero for cold days. Lentils contain a lot of protein and vitamine c. The heat from the chili and the garlic […]

Chocolate Popcorn – Easy, Healthy and Sweet

Chocolate Popcorn Who doesn’t love popcorn? We mean they pop and they are also healthy? Here we added some honey, sea salt and chocolate to make them into a sweet and salt treat. We will serve them as our healthy christmas treats. If you have time this christmas try em, they are easy to do […]

Roasted Winter Root Vegetable Salad

Root Vegetable Salad A Roasted Root vegetable salad is a great option to serve vegetables so that everyone enjoys them (both young and adults). The roasting really brings out the juicy and sweetness in the roots. Winter is a great period to eat the roots, they taste better and have less impact on the environment. […]

Banana Healthy Ice Cream top with Chia seeds

Nanananana Banana, (nanananana Batman). As you might have guessed this healthy ice cream hero is Banana. 100% Banana in this Healthy Ice Cream! It’s really that easy, no need for sugar or cream to get that ice cream texture. The Banana’s super powers is that it is naturally sweet and creamy. But be aware there […]

Easy Chia Seed Recipe with Avocado & Banana Avocado

Easy Chia Seed Recipe with Avocado & Banana We love chia. This very small but super strong seed rich in omega 3, fibers and minerals. It is also very greatful to cook with because as soon as it gets in contact with water it starts to build a nice jelly which makes it perfect for […]

Citrus and Pomegranate Salad

Pomegranate Salad We love salads of fruits and veggies that are in season. They taste better, they look better and they are more healthier (less need for pesticides). In the winter months the different citrus fruits are in season but also the vigorous pomegranate. Both can be used in foods and sweets. They gives us the vitamins […]

Healthy Snacks – Energy Filled – Perform Your Best

Sustainable and Healthy Snacks that keep your energy levels up in the sky! Originally a Guest Post for Sustainergies and www.Mitthållbarhetsjobb.se (A Swedish career platform for students interested in Sustainability). Snickers, choklad, energy bars, red bull, Coca Cola and of course candy! Do you recognize yourself? Fully loaded with sugar they make more harm than […]

Vegan Pancakes made of Sweet Potato served with Berries.

We love our pancakes. We love them even more if they are good for us and good for the planet. We also love Sweet potato, and we heard somewhere that you can use it to make vegan pancakes so we just had to try! O yes! It worked like a charm. Combined with coconut milk, […]

Broccoli soup with Cashew cream & Sweet potato chips

Remember when you mom tried to force feed you Broccoli because she said it was good for you? We disliked broccoli when we were younger, but we have learned to eat it because we know how healthy it is. Luckily we stumbled upon on this broccoli soup by healthy foodblogger Sarah: Mynewroots.org Broccoli Soup We made […]

Healthy Breakfast – Green Smoothie with Rye porridge & Banana Ice Cream

In Sweden the first snow has fallen and outside of our window in Paris it is wet and grey. This kind of weather is not the most fun and can be quite depressing. When the weather is not optimal we usually eat a healthy breakfast. This colorful healthy breakfast will give you the energy you need to […]

Raw treats with delicious chocolate and bee pollen

Raw treats with a delicious chocolate flavour is among the best I know! They can be made into brownies, cakes or round sweet balls, like my version. This is a soft and chewy raw food ball mixed with sweet dried fruits like dates and figs and topped with a nutritional, colorful sprinkles such as bee pollen. That is […]

Vegetarian food is the key to a healthy body and planet

There are two things that are essential for us to function. Firstly, we need a body to live and work in, and second, we need a planet to live and work on. Right? Without a body and our planet, it can be difficult to make ends meet, even if we managed to piece together everything […]

How to make Tender Green Kale Chips

Potato Chips, Cheese doodles bacon chips. Why can’t anything salty and delicious also be healthy? Enter Kale Chips Green Kale is one of the most nutritions rich vegetables in the world. It’s also freaking delicious when lightly roasted in the oven. Try it and we promise that you will be positively surprised! Before: After:

Vegan pancakes recipe made of soya, buckwheat served with oatgurt

Vegan pancakes recipe Does the word pancake make you see stars? There is something special about pancakes, it reminds me of my  childhoods days when I would be served pancakes for dinner with sweet jam (apple, blueberry and lingonberries) and wipped cream. Lovely! And it also makes me think of luxorious hotels with amazing breakfast bufféts. But pancakes always […]

Vegetarian taco made of corn flour with sweet potato

Roasted sweet potato, fresh mushrooms, green mache salad on top of a warm freshly fried corn tortilla. We got the inspiration from the recipe from the wonderful vegetarian blog Naturally Ella but we excluded the quinoa (to see the original recipe click here: http://naturallyella.com/2013/02/15/crispy-quinoa-and-mole-sweet-potato-tacos/) How good doesn’t this look? This is a vegetarian taco with spicy flavours […]

Not ready to be a full vegetarian or vegan? Be a flexitarian

Not yet ready to be a full vegetarian or vegan? Be a flexitarian You want to be environmentally friendly, choose what is best for the planet and also for you. You know you should eat less meat or even no meat at all, near grown foods in every situation and in the best of worlds, even […]

Rasperry and Almond Cake – Yummy Raw food dessert

Are you craving for something sweet for the afternoon coffe break? But you still want to be healthy? Then this is a raw food dessert recipe that will soothen your sweet touth. Yummy Raw Food Dessert Eco-friendly perspective: Regular oats are one of the grains that need the most pesticides so make sure you choose  organic. […]

Lentil salad with brown rice & tomatos, rich in vitamin C

  Are you looking for something super easy and fast for dinner? Which also is super tasty and good for the planet? Thought so. We created this tangy lentil salad with lots of fibers, protein, tasty greens and a high lever of the essential mineral iron, which many of us lack. “Yum! Love how the tastes just […]

6 Reasons to begin use Coconut Oil today ( Number 3 is why we us it daily)

We use coconut oil daily for our cooking and when we fry our banana pancakes. In this post we will be bringing up the most important advantages with this tropical oil. Who knows, maybe you to will add coconut oil to your daily food. It contains fats that are not store but becomes energy in your body. The […]