Banana ice cream – 2 Ingredient Healthy Ice Cream

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banana ice cream

Banana, just saying. It’s a magical invention! Banana pancake, banana cake , creamy smoothies and lots lots more. But the best thing? At least this time of year. NANACREAM a wholesome ice cream made from banana – a banana ice cream !

Banana ice cream


Take an overripe banana . Break into pieces. Add in the freezer. Then take forward. Mix. Add one of many flavor combinations such as cocoa. Enjoy before it melts! Yes, we are to say the least bitten by nanacream, the frozen mixed lovely ice cream that is wonderfully creamy, totally vegan, totally natural and with the best taste. Try nanacream, and this is one of our favorite combinations!


2 frozen bananas

2 tablespoons cocoa

Top with homemade granola

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