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Main dishes
Lunches, dinners of all kinds. In other words, fantastic main dishes!
Vegan Bean Patties served in a Redbeet & Chickpea Wrap

Do you like the taste of garlic, food that is nutritious and eating with your hands? Then this dish is perfect for you. Our mixed bean pattis in wraps of chickpea pancake with redbeet juice is a really nutritious dinner! Vegan Bean Patties in the oven As with all vegetable patties, it’s extra delicious when […]

Vegan Lasagna with homemade vegan mozarella, mushrooms and eggplant

There are many ways to make a vegan lasagna. Many want it as similar to a regular lasagna as possible while others want to make it with more vegetables or gluten-free. Here we have made a recipe for a really delicious lasagna with a lot of tomato sauce, mushrooms and a delicious home-made vegan mozzarella. […]

Savoury Vegetarian Bolognese with Walnuts and Mushrooms

Here we have one of the worlds most popular dishes updated with new ingredients, vegetarian bolognese! Mushrooms stand for the richness and gets backed by roasted walnuts! Stop with your vegetarian bolognese with meat substitute and make the real thing. Vegetarian bolognese with clean ingredients Sometimes you just want to avoid qourn, soybeans and beans. […]

Vegetarian Pie Recipe with feta cheese, pepper and broccoli

Here is our best vegetarian pie recipe. There are a lot of vegetarian pie recipes out there but we think this quice deserves a feast. The crispy  pie crust, the sweet pepper and the mighty broccoli topped with feta cheese is combined in this savory vegetable pie. Are you looking for more vegetarian recipes? You […]

Christmas salad recipe

When we create a Christmas salad as this, we wanted to find a perfect balance of green, protein, carbohydrates, beautiful colors, crisp, sweet and salty!  

Vegetarian Ramen Recipe Easy To Make

Our Vegetarian Ramen Recipe Do you want a vegan ramen recipe, fry some mushrooms or tofu, and substitute the egg. We came up with this recipes as we usually do. It involves that I (Erik) made an inventory of the refrigerator. Kale, wax beans, red onion, cabbage, ginger we should be able to cook something with these […]

Asparagus Salad recipe with radishes and egg.

We love to cook food that is in season and we also love asparagus! But the asparagus has a short season here in Europe and especially in Sweden so we take the opportunity to enjoy it now because during the autumn and winter, much of the asparagus in grocery stores are imported halfway across the globe […]

Vegetarian Pizza with avokado & Green kale

Can you also sometimes get a massive crave for some pizza? But it’s way to easy to make just a ordinary classic with tomato sauce and ham. We want to inspire you to dare to experiment a little with your homemade pizzas. Dare you to throw on some green, why not use the leftover avocado and beetroot to make […]

Vegan Bourguignon with Beets and Mushroom

Vegan bourguignon – Easy, luxurious and vegan! Now in the middle of winter, there are not too many Swedish ingredients in season. But beets, jerusalem artichoke, carrots and mushrooms are easy to find in grocery stores. But what did we make out of this combination? A warming hearty stew of course! We have taken inspiration from […]

Black Bean Burger Recipe with pickled red onion, guacamole and sweet potato fries

Just yummy! This veggie black bean burger is just No. 1. It has everything, from taste to texture and it’s super simple to do. The horseradish dressing, roasted eggplant, guacamole, black bean burger, pickled red onion and red cabbage salad makes it super yummy. And thats not all, we also have a awesome recipe on […]

Chevré and Tomato Pie – A Luxurious & Healthy Cheese Pie

Here’s a luxurious twist on the classic, traditional Cheese Pie. With a base of Chevré and Tomatoes. Flavored with basil, you’ll love this pie (if you’re a fan of Chevré). As we use spelt and barley flour and vegetable oil, this recipe is more healthy than the traditional wheat and butter cheese pie.  

Cauliflower Rice Recipe with Coconut milk & Garlic

Did you know that plain white rice is one of the biggest environmental thugs out there? Rice production uses a lot of water in the process to make rice. The bad part is that 1/3 of the worlds population get their daily caloric intake from rice (China, India, Bangladesh). But the worst part it that it’s not even […]

Sweet Potato Vegetarian Lasagna – Sweet Potato and Eggplant

Sweet Potato Vegetarian Lasagna Recipe Lasagna… the Italian specialty, just thinking about a piece makes you drool… Those childhood memories, of freshly made creamy lasagna served directly from the oven. I (Erik) remember that my dad always used to say that it was even more tasty the next day. Unfortunately, the usual lasagna is not the […]

Bean Pasta – Vegan Pasta made of Soya beans

We found something we really like when we shopped at our local store the other day. They have started selling soy bean pasta! It’s great if you like us love pasta but want to be nicer to you stomach. It’s also packed with proteins, a great innovation if you ask us. Here we made a recipe […]

Valentines Day Gluten Free Pizza

Surprise your loved one with a heart shaped gluten free pizza for Valentines day! It’s gluten free with no meat so it’s okay for vegetarians, you can make it vegan if you remove the cheese. Buckwheat and almond flour gives the pizza dough a nice and smooth texture. It’s also quick to make as it’s […]

Gluten free Vegetarian Pasties with Spinach and Feta cheese

Vegetarian Pasties – Gluten Free Missing that lovely crust of a fresh baked pasty? Now, you don’t have to miss it anymore! We have created a naturally gluten free vegetarian crusty pasty recipe that will fit perfectly with al kinds of fillings. It is actually much easier to make than usual pasty dough and also […]

Chevré grated Healthy Sweet Potato Recipe

A new year full of new opportunities. As we now are located back home in Sweden after an intense 4 months in Paris it feels great to have our own kitchen so that we can cook even more sustainable, healthy and delicious recipes (like this chevré grated healthy sweet potato). Yesterday we heard on the […]

Green Kale Pie with Feta Cheese

Green Kale Pie The lovely green kale can be used to a lot of different dishes, besides this pie it can be used to make green kale chips. If you haven’t tried it you really must (here is our recipe https://vegetariskmatrecept.se/en/kale-chips/)