Is canola oil healthy?

It’s a question we get a lot. And what’s the difference between coldpressed canola/rapeseed oil and ordinary pressed canola oil? It’s a question we try to give answer to in this post.

Canola oil Healthy

The oil has a high amount of polyunsaturaed fats. The oil has a a good blend of healthy omega-3 and omega-6 that helps reduce the risk of heart and cardiovascular diseses.  Rapeseed oil can also take a high frying temperatur than for instance oliveoil or butter. But make sure you fry in a warm pressed canola oil. The coldpressed rapeseed oil is best used for dressings. The difference with coldpressed and warmpressed canola oil is that the warmpressed oil can handle high temperature. If you fry in the coldpressed oil you get dangerous bi products that you want to avoid.

Is oliveoil or is canola oil healthy?

It’s the same with oliveoil. You should only fry in the warmpressed version. There is a lot of good vitamins in oliveoil. We usually fry in rapeseed oil and use oliveoil for dressings or to flavour the food after we have cooked it.


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