5 Strategies that Help You Eat Organic on a Budget (Our Dream is Nr 4)

 5 Ideas that help you eat organic on a budget

1. Eat fruit and vegetables in season – Tomatoes and peppers are really cheap organic buys when they are in season but off season they can be expensive. Learn more about eating in season in our blog post about it here: 5 benefits of eating food in season

2. Buy frozen and hoard up – The vegetables were usually frozen when they were in season and they will easily last longer. We buy organically grown raspberries and spinach frozen once a month, it’s convenient to have them frozen because we use them every day.

3. Skip the meat and stick to a plant based diet – Meat is expensive, a shocker right? Now I’m not talking about that conventionally fast raised beef but an organic grass-fed beef that comes from a sustainable farm. It’s great to enjoy from time to time but for the same buck you get a whole lot of more veggies and high quality carbohydrates. Legumes are a great way of ensuring that you get your daily amount of protein and if you mix it up with a high quality carb like quinoa and a doze of vegetables you are set to go, these are compared to meet really cheap organic finds. Root vegetables is a filling solution when fall and winter comes. Green vegetables is the summers equivalent. Read more about reducing your meat intake and becoming a flexitarian here

4. Grow your own organic supply of vegetables and fruits – We wish we had the opportunity to have our own garden. There we could grow herbs, salads, tomatoes, peppers, garlic you name it! I remember helping my grandmother to pick apples which she made apple purée and apple pie they were to die for. We only have a french balcony in our apartment but we can at least use it in the summer to grow herbs to save a few bucks. Here is a site dedicated to introductory organic gardening (http://www.organicgardening.com/learn-and-grow/beginners-guide-organic-gardening)

5. Attend you local farmers market and bulk up (only if its truly organically grown) – If you have a market in your area. Visit, talk to the vendors to find out whats most affordable at the moment (usually it’s what’s in season). Buy in bulk and put it in the freezer.

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