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Healthy Snacks
Healthy Snacks. Snacks without sugar & full of nutrients and vitamins. Good for you – Will give you Energy!
Guacamole recipe – the ultimate plant based dip

Lovely guacamoly! You fit so well to everything, complimenting almost any meal. You are so easy to make, it takes just 5 minutes and is so easy to get that wonderful taste. Thank you for existing! Oh yes. So I just now uttered a declaration of love to an creamy dip. Not just any dip. But still, […]

Looking for a spooky and healthy Halloween Treat?

Looking for a spooky and healthy for Halloween Treat? This raw food chocolate treat will perhaps not scare you but it is a fun way to replace the ordinary candy with. Use a chopstick to do the decorations on these little spooky treats. See our halloween porridge for making a scary but healthy halloween breakfast.  […]

3 Healthy Refreshing Juicing Recipes

We have a secret to tell you, it’s something we haven’t revealed to you before. Yes we are Juice and Smoothie lovers. Putting fruits and greens in the juicer or mixer and hearing it turning it into a sweet and healthy juice, juice is a great way to wake up in the morning (our juicer defiantly wakes […]

Raw food and Vegan Crackers

Raw food and Vegan Crackers Looking for something crispy and healthy for your afternoon snacks? This fiber and protein rich raw food and vegan crackers is your solution. Best served with peanut butter with a slice of apple on top. We have started baking more and more with different beans. It’s a great ingredient that […]

Sweet Potato Fries – A healthy and delicious snack

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe If you are following our blog you might have guessed that we love Sweet potato (We love Sweet potatoes see our other Sweet Potato recipes here.)? We have done a lot of healthy and delicious recipes with the mushy orange potato. Now we experimented with making a healthier version of the fatty […]

Energy Balls – Easy and quick way to enjoy superfoods

Energy Balls Our absolute favorite snack! We make them at least three times a week and we call them super balls another common word is energy balls. The super-factor consist in the high amount of superfruits with a very high level of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fibers and other good stuff that makes our bodies maintain their health […]

Healthy granola recipe – Make a healthy and delicious breakfast

Homemade granola can be an healthy, delicious and comforting treat. Avoid the store bought granola that contain high amount of sugar and make your own healthier version. The base of our healthy granola recipe is whole oats. They are high in fiber, protein and are full of vitamins. For sweetener we use organic juice concentrate, […]

Chocolate Popcorn – Easy, Healthy and Sweet

Chocolate Popcorn Who doesn’t love popcorn? We mean they pop and they are also healthy? Here we added some honey, sea salt and chocolate to make them into a sweet and salt treat. We will serve them as our healthy christmas treats. If you have time this christmas try em, they are easy to do […]

Easy Chia Seed Recipe with Avocado & Banana Avocado

Easy Chia Seed Recipe with Avocado & Banana We love chia. This very small but super strong seed rich in omega 3, fibers and minerals. It is also very greatful to cook with because as soon as it gets in contact with water it starts to build a nice jelly which makes it perfect for […]

Healthy Snacks – Energy Filled – Perform Your Best

Sustainable and Healthy Snacks that keep your energy levels up in the sky! Originally a Guest Post for Sustainergies and www.Mitthållbarhetsjobb.se (A Swedish career platform for students interested in Sustainability). Snickers, choklad, energy bars, red bull, Coca Cola and of course candy! Do you recognize yourself? Fully loaded with sugar they make more harm than […]

5 Incredibly Guilt-Free Healthy Snack

Snack time, anyone? There are thousands of good reasons to have a good snack. Your might be getting ready for your workout. You really need to concentrate. You feel a little low or you just want some extra energy! Did you know that snacks is the biggest thief in your healthy diet? A snack could be up […]

Raw treats with delicious chocolate and bee pollen

Raw treats with a delicious chocolate flavour is among the best I know! They can be made into brownies, cakes or round sweet balls, like my version. This is a soft and chewy raw food ball mixed with sweet dried fruits like dates and figs and topped with a nutritional, colorful sprinkles such as bee pollen. That is […]

How to make Tender Green Kale Chips

Potato Chips, Cheese doodles bacon chips. Why can’t anything salty and delicious also be healthy? Enter Kale Chips Green Kale is one of the most nutritions rich vegetables in the world. It’s also freaking delicious when lightly roasted in the oven. Try it and we promise that you will be positively surprised! Before: After:

Rasperry and Almond Cake – Yummy Raw food dessert

Are you craving for something sweet for the afternoon coffe break? But you still want to be healthy? Then this is a raw food dessert recipe that will soothen your sweet touth. Yummy Raw Food Dessert Eco-friendly perspective: Regular oats are one of the grains that need the most pesticides so make sure you choose  organic. […]

6 Reasons to begin use Coconut Oil today ( Number 3 is why we us it daily)

We use coconut oil daily for our cooking and when we fry our banana pancakes. In this post we will be bringing up the most important advantages with this tropical oil. Who knows, maybe you to will add coconut oil to your daily food. It contains fats that are not store but becomes energy in your body. The […]