5 benefits of eating food in season

  1. Saves you money

During the winter time have you ever tried cooking up a recipe say for example an italian dish that needs Basil and found that it is virtually impossible to get a decent example of fresh basil at a fair price? Didn’t think so! Basil is in season during the summer and is almost impossible to get a hold of in the winter time. This is simple economics high demand and low supply equals a high price. It is the opposite in the summer time when the basil is in season. High Supply the same demand equals a decent price. Buy foods in season and it will dramatically save you tons of money.

  1. Let’s face it: Food in season taste better

During the summer have you ever tasted a tomato directly from the plant? It is super juicy and jummy. When foods are not in season they either get grown in greenhouses or shipped from a country far away. This affects the taste, when shipped for a long way the farmers harvest and chill the grops early so that they stay fresch when they arrive to your store. Tomatoes grown in greenhouses rarely get the efficent amount of sunt o devlope that juicyness and strong flavor. If you love food this is a clear strategy to get you food to taste better

  1. Cook with variety

If you get tired of cooking the same recipes over and over again we promise you that if you eat food in season you will never lose the abilty to variy you meals. What couldn’t be more of a creativ challange than that, to be forced to adapt your cooking to whats in season?

  1. You will get more nutrients.

Scientist have showed that all the long tranportation and increase pesticides that is need to grow products off season will affect the amount of nutrients that the food contains.

  1. You will help the environment

Cutting transport costs and reducing pestesides will greatly help the environment

Bottom line:

Visit you local farmers market and buy locally grown food. It will taste better, give you a variety, give you more nutrients and be easy on your wallet and the environment.

food in season

Here are some links that can guide you to what’s in season in you continent:

Fruits and vegetables choose your part of the world: http://www.damngoodrecipes.com/seasonal/8.html#.VCuvyr4f070

In France: http://www.lyonalacarte.com/IMG/pdf/the_calendar_for_fruits_in_season_in_france.pdf

US Virtual food map:


Swedish food map:


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