Vegetarian food is the key to a healthy body and planet

vegetarian foodThere are two things that are essential for us to function. Firstly, we need a body to live and work in, and second, we need a planet to live and work on.
Without a body and our planet, it can be difficult to make ends meet, even if we managed to piece together everything else pretty good. It is therefore of great importance that we take care of our bodies and our planet.
To produce meat for all us meat eaters in this world requires tons of plant foods as food for the cattle and soybeans make up the largest portion. To be able to grow so large amounts of soybeans  the rainforest is cut down to make way for more farmland.
The United States uses 95% of their produced soybeans for livestock that in the end become meat. 40% of the world’s annual production of wheat, rye, oats and corn also goes into animal feed. When you eat a piece of meat at home for the Friday dinner of only 100 grams it was needed one kilogram soybeans to feed the livestock.
Think about it anyway, I think it sounds a bit wasteful. Therefore, I figured out that if you instead choose a soy burger for the Friday dinner with a yummy whole bread made from soy flour you can invite as much as 14 people to your lovely dinner and everyone can be fed on the same amount of soybeans as if you would have eaten your 100 gram steak.
But we need the protein, isn’t  vegetarian diet low in protein? No, it happens to actually be the opposite. An average person should consume between 100-150 grams of protein a day. A 100 grams steak contains 26 grams of protein. But a soy bean burger contains a whopping 40 grams of protein. That’s 40% of today’s protein intake in a single meal.Yes, but it’s so good with meat! Freshly fried entrecôte with fried potatoes and béarnaise sauce brightens any night! Maybe so, but there are no good entrecôte on a dead planet.

Meat eating increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer, while soya bean has a protective effect against those same diseases plus it strengthens bones and lowers the bad cholesterol. But be sure to choose organic beans that are not GMO modified. We are also looking at vegetables in the whole, so it is super food for your body all of us that makes us feel more energized and healthier.

To wrap up, I would like to return to the two things that are essential for us to function. Firstly, we need a healthy and functioning body. Choosing the vegetarian food solutions is to take care of your body, not exposing it to food that damages it.
And second, we need a planet to live in. If we choose vegetarian, we can prevent a negative development for the environment on many levels, and instead get the planet to flourish once again.

Is there even any doubt? Choose vegetarian, for your body and the planet. I will.

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