Not ready to be a full vegetarian or vegan? Be a flexitarian

Not yet ready to be a full vegetarian or vegan? Be a flexitarian

You want to be environmentally friendly, choose what is best for the planet and also for you. You know you should eat less meat or even no meat at all, near grown foods in every situation and in the best of worlds, even skip the eggs and milk and become a vegan. So why don’t you do it? Isn’t it that simple?

Maybe not, but if like me you are human lets face it: It is actually really hard. But the solution has arrived:


The flexitarian era is here. Flexitarianism is a little like the 5:2-diet but in the oppsite way, have you heard of 5:2? For 2-3 days a week you eat meat, chicken and fish but the other days you eat lika a vegetarian or even a vegan. This is how every human on earth should strive to eat.

Becoming a flexitarian is not really to convert to a diet or a special lifestyle. It is very easy and common sense if you want our planet to last and your body to be happy and healthy. We know by now that high meat consumption has bad impact on the environment because of the rain deforestation and high uses of antibiotics. Meat is neither good for your body as it increases your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Maybe you think meat is to good to give up?

But remember, there is no good food at all on a dead planet. But the flexetarian solution give you the best of both worlds. The opportunity to save the planet and eat good (vegetarian) food with some tasty spices of meat.

How to become a flexitarian

Flexitarianism is a way of thinking. Not a strict diet or a lifestyle conversion. Choose to eat meat for only 2-3 days a week and keep it to chicken and fish and leave the red meat to only 1 time a week.
It is now common sense that everyone in the world should become a flexitarian in 1-2 years. If you find it hard to eat good food with no meat or maybe you doubt that you would get enough proteins? No worries, those questions can be solved with just a few clicks. Try this Lentil salad for example, or this Vegan Pancake, or this Vegetarian Sweet Potato Taco.

The five commandments of a flexitarian  (due to happyhealthyhunters)

  • Commit to 100% vegetarian eating for 4 days a week
  • Commit to 100% vegan eating for 1-2 days a week (just to get used to the animal free diet)
  • Only one of you meat-days should contain red meat (choose chicken or fish on your other 1-2 days instead)
  • Be consious about the planet and our environment and always choose the best you can find and afford
  • Question family, friends and coworkers that are big meat eaters and explain flexitarianism

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