Healthy Pancakes Recipes 6 Different Recipes

We do love making pancakes, we love them even more if they are healthy. So in this post we will share our 6 best healthy pancakes recipes.

  1. Check out our Vegan Pancakes made of Sweet Potato served with Berries, using sweet potatoes as the base of a pancake is so fun, try it you to!

healthy pancakes

2. This is our vegan pancakes made with buckwheat and soy flour perfect if you want to stay away from gluten and diary products.

healthy pancakes

3. Need more protein and legumes in you diet? Try our Protein pancake recipe – Easy and healthy pancakes made of white beans

healthy pancakes

4. Check out this Super easy Banana Pancake Recipe made of just 2 ingredients.

healthy pancakes

5.  What a Waffle recipe on a healthy pancakes recipe roundup? This Healthy Waffle Recipe is really “to die for”

healthy pancakes waffle recipe

6. Another waffle recipe on a pancake roundup page? This Vegan Waffle Recipe with Grapefruit is so good we just had to include it. 

healthy pancakes waffles


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