Christmas Porridge – Saffron and Chia Seeds

Christmas PorridgeSaffron, is a spice that is derived from the yellow saffron crocus. It’s the worlds most expensive spice and that’s for a good reason. For 1 kilo Saffron you need 100 000-150 000 crocuses. The saffron seeds must be picked by hand. So treat this spice with respect!

We love saffron. It’s interesting how one spice can be adapted to different dishes in different cultures. In Sweden we mainly associate it with the sweet Saffron Buns that we eat for christmas. But in Spain it’s what’s gives the paella it’s distinctive color and flavor. In the south of France it’s used in the fish stew Bouillabaisse.

That is one reason that we decided to experiment with the spice. The result?

A Saffron Christmas Porridge that you can eat both for breakfast but also as a light lunch or dinner. Instead of using the store bought jam we decided to make our own with chia seeds, pomegranate and red beet juice.

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