5 Rules to Combine Optimal Healthy Breakfasts

How to combine your Healthy Breakfasts

1. Start the day by rehydrating. You lose a lot of water during the night by sweating and breathing. Drink at least 2 glass of water before eating.

2. Continue with a lean protein source. If you eat meat then a boiled egg is a good way to start. If you don’t eat meat nuts, soy protein and beans is the way to go.
healthy breakfasts

3. Drink a glass of grapefruit juice or add it to some of the below examples. Research have showed that Grapefruit has been shown to boost the metabolism, and people that started each meal with eating some grapefruit had a better metabolism.healthy breakfasts

4. After you have consumed the protein it is important that you don’t eat anything sweet or (carbohydrate rich) because it will only make you feel more hungry. Fiber or good fats will keep you full so choose a wholesome porridge made of oats (see recipe here) or a yoghurt with nuts (see picture below) or a yummy green salad (not kidding, a salad in the morning will make you feel like the Energizer Bunny because it’s packed with vitamins, fiber and water).
healthy breakfasts

5. Finish of with some tea or coffee to get the caffeine boost.

If you follow this 5 step guide to your Healthy Breakfasts you will feel ready for whatever challenge you face during the day!

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